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Manual Therapy: Manual therapy approaches a physical problem with the use of hands on body tissue that has been affected by the problem. It involves gentle, passive movements that are more or less forced on the musculo-skeletal system of the human body in order to improve mobility.

Osteopathy: Osteopathy is related to functional problems with a structure or system, whether it be musculo-skeletal, visceral, fluids, cranial and/or neurological. Osteopathy focuses on the importance of body mechanics and involves various methods of manipulating body systems.

Massage Therapy: Massage is a structured form of touch. It involves various movements such as effleurages, friction, petrissage and pressure. A massage may be stimulating or calming, and when it is given with attention to the energies present, it can have an effect on the body, mind, psyche and emotions of the receiver.

Perineal Rehabilitation: A physiotherapy field of specialization that involves assessing and treating female urinary incontinence.

Vestibular Rehabilitation: Assessment and treatment of patients experiencing dizziness, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and other vestibular system problems, using various physiotherapy techniques.

Pediatrics: We use a combination of physiotherapeutic and osteopathic techniques for newborns and infants experiencing delays in motor development, colic, regurgitation, ear infections, acid reflux, etc.

Computerized Balance Assessment: This specialization uses a hi-tech dynamic proprioceptive device that can assess and improve balance, thereby assisting seniors in preventing falls and athletes in returning to their sport. It can also assist with rehabilitation for injuries to the lower limbs.

Headaches and Migraines: Various cranial osteopathic techniques, combined with an exercise program, can bring considerable relief to individuals suffering from recurring headaches and migraines.

Digestive Problems: Visceral osteopathy aims to release tightness in the tissues of the abdomen and chest by working on fascia, ligaments and other soft tissue to increase the mobility of internal organs.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders (Jaw): Treatment of various jaw-related problems, such as popping, clicking, teeth grinding, chewing pains, locked jaw (open or closed), etc.

Vibration Exercise Therapy: A series of exercises are performed on a vibrating platform. Vibration exercise therapy brings a whole new dimension to physical exercise since 100% of muscular fibres are required to perform the exercises, versus only 40% in a regular gym workout. It is a fast and effective way to work out.

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